10 Most viewed Techno Tips Posts of 2013 You Should Not Miss

As we are moving ahead for the year 2014 and I must thank you all of you for your unexpected support and continuous suggestions for our own Techno blot which is very much popular and known for providing step by step information for basic computer users.

Top 10 most viewed techno post of 2013

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1. Download Whatsapp Messenger on PC

Whatsapp is very much popular these days to do communication with friends. Because of lots of flexibility and user friendly features people like this as compared to other similar messenger in the market. If users don’t have smartphone or sometime don’t want to use Whatsapp on their mobile because of various reasons, they might prefer to use this application using their PC or laptop which is running on windows operating system. We have given a fantastic step by step information on how one can download and use whatsapp messenger on PC. Though this article used bluestack which needs minimum of 2 GB memory but believe me friends this is the best applicable to run Whatsapp on PC.Though a workaround with other faster application was provided, you may Click Here to see that post as well.

2. Free Download Temple run on Computer

This post is more or less similar to previous one. As I already teach you how to download Bluestack android simulator, you can now run Temple run using bluestack on your PC. Around 50,000 users has downloaded temple run on their computer or laptop after reading this post 😀

3. Nokia Secret Codes and Tricks of 2013

I am still surprised after getting huge traffic on this post. Reason is Nokia is not performing that much compare to lots of other popular smart phones in market. But when I can see popularity of this post, I felt that still there are people who are using Nokia, specially after Windows 8 enabled devices they could able to win more popularity into smartphone world. You may visit this post even if you don’t have Nokia and can explore what all features and tricks are there for Nokia mobile phones and tablets.

4. Lock and Unlock windows Folder without using Any software

Well, this is something very nice for windows xp, 7 users. Specially when we have some important files or personal files at our home or work computer, it’s quite risky to keep them visible to all. Using very easy and step by step trick you can Lock such important and personal folders without downloading any external 3rd party software application. No need to download, not required to pay license, just use simple tricks and your folders will be locked.

5. Facebook Tips and Tricks

When we talk about social media popularity during 2013, Facebook is equally one of best popular social media and being used by most of the net users. There could be very few who are not using Facebook. But you never know there are lots of hidden Tricks which will help you to learn something new about Facebook and that makes you different than ordinary Facebook users. Well, couple of months back posted this post about all Facebook tips and tricks became very popular amongst readers as they learnt how to create single name account on FB, identify Fake Facebook account, schedule posts in Advance etc. using this post. Though there are lot more new tricks I have in my list, and will surely provide you another post for 2014 :p

6. Hidden Features of weChat messenger

Well, I know I don’t have much readers who are using We Chat and that is the reason I don’t write much on WeChat tricks. But still this article demonstrating hidden Features of wechat which got popular as there is huge market share by weChat across Globe. If you haven’t gone through this post, this is great chance you explore it and you never know you may start loving it 😉

7. Free Data recovery Software to get back Deleted Files from your Computer

Yes, after receiving lots of requests through messages, email and comments, I was forced to write something on this subject. This article has recommended 5 Data recovery software which can be downloaded for Free and will help users to recover files which are deleted from local harddisk, USB Pen drive, SD Cards or other similar memory cards. Most of the software support Windows XP, vista, windows 7 and windows 8. Few of them also support Linux operating system. So just download these software to feel safe in terms of data recovery.

8. Hidden tricks for Samsung Galaxy S3 Mobile Phone

Year 2013 was the year of Gadgets, lots of new gadgets introduced during this year and one of them was most popular Samsung Galaxy S3 Mobile phone. For certain period of time, Galaxy S3 was most sold mobile phones for that period and take over huge market share. Since most users are having this mobile, our post teaching best tricks was obvious to get success. Though I myself an Apple lover, but looking at reader’s choice I borrowed a friend’s S3 device for a day and explore to get best tricks out of it along with print screen, so readers will get step by step information to easily understand those tricks.

9. Essential Facebook Security Settings of 2013

I was quite confident that this post should hit the list of Top 5 post of the year, but somehow we have other posts earns popularity :p . Nevertheless, being on Rank 9 this post deserve a visit if you haven’t gone through. Though Facebook itself not maintaining 100% privacy for users, but by providing few customized Security users can maintain privacy level by following tips mentioned in this article. I strongly recommend to follow all steps mention and change your Facebook security settings.

10. Download Gujarati Typing Software for PC

Though this post is dedicated to Gujarati community because of our largest Facebook page I have received thousands of request on this topic and most of them required step by step installation guide for Gujarati typing software. Even though there are few online website and software company who provides this service to type Gujarati but I have advised my readers to go with best tool for this purpose. You may found full detail in the article.

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