Backup USB Data on computer, laptop | Download Free Software to Synchronize folders automatically

Most of us are using USB Pen drives for our day to day file transfer from one place to other. But it’s very common issue that our USB get corrupted and we lose data. Sometime there could be very important and critical data we could lost and if we don’t have backup of that data, we have to struggle to get it back. Let’s look on the possibilities of Backup USB Data on computer or laptop so we always have a local backup and even if our USB get corrupted, we still can have data in our PC.

How to Backup From USB to Computer

   Download and Install Required Free Software

Download and Install Free Software which will help you to backup your USB data on computer or laptop. It will simply synchronize your pre-defined files and folders with another folder on your computer’s hard-disk drive.

Download FreeFileSync Software

   Setup and Run your Backup/Synchronization

Once installation is completed, you can start the software using start menu or desktop shortcut and define USB folder to take backup and your computer’s folder where the backup will be taken.

backup usb data to computer laptop

#1 – Select USB Folder which needs to be backed up or just select USB Drive letter if you want to backup all contest of USB drive

#2 – Select local hard-drive folder of your computer of laptop where backup will be dumped. Make sure this folder/drive is having required free space

#3 – Click Save button to save this settings to use next time.

#4 – Sync button you can click once you are ready to take backup

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   Features of FreeFileSync software
  • Copy locked files
  • Binary file comparison
  • Batch job can be created for automatic backup/sync
  • Error handling is comprehensive and with more details
  • Support files with long path as well, more than 260 characters
  • Supported operating systems are windows, Linux, Mac OS
  • Full Unicode support
  • Apply filter to include/exclude files
  • Case-sensitive sync possible

If you are an Advance user and know a bit more about managing 3rd party software, you may explore this software and you will get all of above mentioned features handy and you can use them. Specially you can configure a batch file and run that automatically as schedule or at startup so no need to take your USB backup manually.

This free software to take backup from USB to PC is not only restricted for same purpose, you can use same software to take backup from SD cards, Flash disks, Tap drives, One hard disk drive to other, DVD to PC or vice versa.

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