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If you are a crazy traveler and always seeking to visit an interesting places outside your town or country, then you must be aware of the situations and the problems that raises during your visits to the completely unknown cities. Some of them are to find a good hotel, get an internet connection, public transport inquires, train schedules, local emergency services and lot more. It’s strongly advisable to you to keep handy those particular and useful information’s.  To solve your problems related to the travel in new cities, here we’ve listed some useful and good free android travel apps. Which helps you to get a better travel experience.

Download Android Travel Apps

1) Restaurant Finder :

Finding a good restaurant with favorite dishes is a top-notch requirement from the peoples who are the crazy travelers. They always looks for a good restaurant where he/she can get a good and healthy meal. The Restaurant Finder is developed by AkaSoft and is free to download and use from Google Play Store. It lets you find the nearest Restaurants, Taxi Cab Services, ATMs, Cafe, Hotels and Night Clubs by using various search and filters.

Best Free Android Travel App

By default you can find the details using your current location and train routes. In Train Location settings it uses your train stations as primary travel path and finds the nearest services that comes within your train station routes. On the other hand, By current location option uses your current GPS location and displays the interested services around you. Click here to download this app for free from Google Play Store.

2) Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic :

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic primarily delivers the live community driven traffic, hazards, police, accidents and such a many things to you while you are driving on the highway. It suggests you the best route for your driving in accordance of live traffic situations provided by 50 million users.

Waze Social Live Traffic - Best Free Android Travel App

Till now, the Waze Android live traffic app is being downloaded by the 950,000 android users worldwide. Though, we can treat it as an extensively popular instant traffic notification tool for the android users. You can download Waze Social Maps & Live Traffic app from Google Play Store here.

3) Currency Convertor :

Specifically in the new country or a region, you will require to have a knowledge of the local currencies as compared to your currency. It helps you to get rid of cheating and fraud while you are on the way to shop. In such as cases the popular and free currency convertor android app will help you a lot to solve the problems.

Currency Convertor

However, personally I mostly liked this free android travel app. Because, it lets you convert your currencies to the targeted currency format. It brings the live and updated currency rates using your connection, that is the plus point of this free android travel app. Here is the link to download currency convertor android travel app for free from the Google Play Store.

4) YP Local Searches and Gas Prices : Best Free Android Travel App

YP is proudly developed by team to extend their services up to android users to get a better travel experience. It has over 19 million listings on the website itself. However, this app gets an information from the yellow pages website. It provides various useful travel information’s such as  nearest Gas Stations, Traffic Map, Weather, Nearest Hotels, Stores, Malls, Mobile Recharge Outlets and a lot more. You can download YP Local Searched and Gas Prices for free from the Google Play Store.

In the list of android travel apps, there are many common apps are available on the Google Play Store to download. But those app provides an identical details of the hotel bookings, reservations, find malls, find restaurants, gas stations and to get live traffic updates. While here, we’ve tried to provide the updated list of the android applications which will be your best free android travel apps for all the time.

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