Latest Facebook Tricks 2014

New Facebook Messenger helps to know Friend is online using Mobile or Web

It’s been noticed that Facebook users are always keen to know if their friend is online using Mobile or web. Though it was possible to know earlier but since couple of months ... Continue Reading →
stop receiving notification from tagged post on facebook

Trick to Stop Notifications from Tagged Post or Photo on Facebook

Amongst most popular social networking websites, Facebook is being most popular because of it’s simplicity and lots of advance features. One of the most common feature of Facebook ... Continue Reading →

How to Edit Facebook Status After Posted | Alter Now Possible

As we all know Facebook is having their own identify and unique popularity in market amongst other social media networks available. That could be the one of the main reason, Facebook ... Continue Reading →
view facebook private profile pictures

How to View Facebook Private Profile Pictures | Restricted Images Non clickable 2013

Facebook is the most popular social media these days and providing lots of enhanced security features. Using them you can hide your personal details, photos, albums and other information ... Continue Reading →
Facebook color text chat codes tricks

Facebook Color Text Chat Code Generator | Different Colour in Chat

After giving you Best Facebook Chat Tricks, I have been asked to provide Facebook color text chat codes which will be used to send colored text during Facebook chat and you can use ... Continue Reading →

How to see who has viewed your Facebook profile | Apps Works ?

Well, I am getting lots of messages and email where people asking me to prepare a tutorial and help on How they can see who has viewed your Facebook profile and if there is any free ... Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Stop Facebook Addiction | Overcome Tips

These days we can see most of the people are Facebook addicted. You can easily come to know if you are also a Facebook addict or not by answering few of the questions. But I know how ... Continue Reading →
Facebook Security Settings 2013 guide tutorial

Facebook Security Settings 2013 | Latest Guide To Secure Account

Faceook security Settings are most important part of Facebook Settings before you start adding friends on your Facebook profile. Security Settings will help you to secure your Facebook ... Continue Reading →

Facebook Fake Status, hilarious Prank Post ideas

Hilarious Prank Status Ideas, Facebook Fake Status If you are Facebook lover, you always wish to learn new Tricks on Facebook. Following few easy steps you can create Hilarious Prank ... Continue Reading →