bookmark Facebook Posts

Save Facebook Posts To Read Later | Bookmark Facebook Posts

So many times it happens that, some of your friends have shared some interesting news, event or something which you will not be in position to go through due to time constraint and ... Continue Reading →
delete whatsapp photos from group

How to Delete Photos from Whatsapp Group, Erase Media, Images, Videos, Pictures on Android, iPhone

Before I come to the solution of this, let me inform you that I myself was trying to update iOS version on my iPhone 5s and could not update it due to no free space on my 16 GB iPhone ... Continue Reading →
stop candy crush requests on facebook

How to Stop Candy Crush Requests, Invites, Notifications on Facebook

I know, it’s getting more and more annoyed as day by day we are getting plenty of Candy crush requests and notifications in our Facebook account 🙁 . We definitely can stop ... Continue Reading →
Use mobile as spy camera

Tricks to Turn Your Old Smartphone into a Camera | Download Free Spy Camera Apps

These days changing a phone is very common amongst youngster and for all. Most of us are having at least one smartphone lying with us and with almost no use. We can smartly utilize ... Continue Reading →
can't read gujarati hindi fonts on android

Can’t Read Gujarati, Hindi Fonts in Android | See on iPhone, Nokia Mobile Tablets

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Tricks to increase uTorrent Download Speed

Tricks to increase uTorrent Download Speed

Starting from High quality movies, eBooks, mp3 audios, games and most of the software now arrive first on uTorrent sites because of download quality and better usability. Hence, a less ... Continue Reading →
Editing pictures online for free

How to add amazing cool effects to your photographs in an online mode?

There are a number of sites that offers facility to resize, crop, rotate, sharpen and to add effects in your photographs that too online. This means there is no need to spend time ... Continue Reading →
secure your whatsapp

Secure lastseen stamp, profile photo and status on Whatsapp Messenger for Android, latest Features to Hide

It’s not a news anymore that Facebook has taken over Whatsapp messenger by paying around 16 Billion US$. Yes, now we should expect few new features which might be introduced by ... Continue Reading →