Free Download Educational Games For PC, Kids using Windows Computer, Laptop

Though I am not in favor of allow Kids on PC or Computer for fun at very early stage. Only reason is, there are high chances of getting your kids addicted to computer or laptop for time-pass and they might not focus on core goal which they suppose to look into. However sometimes we can’t stop them using PC, but we at least can make sure that they learn something and get educated using some educational Games for PC.

Download Educational Games For PC

download free educational games for pc

Free Download Games for Toddlers or Kindergarten Kids

Kea Coloring Book – Kids can color around 15 ready made images with easy clicks. Snowmen and animals can be added into picture as an object and paint them. Free game for windows PC will definitely help your kids to learn coloring with fun.

My ABCD – Best educational game can be installed on your windows PC for your Kids aged 2 to 5 years. They will learn Alphabets, numbers upto 20 and sounds of musical instruments. This free Game also help your kid to learn basic mouse skill. Your kids can play drums, strings, a xylophone, and brass instruments with the touch of a mouse. Easy to difficult level’s can be defined depends on the age of your child.

Tux Paint Stamps – Collection of various stamps which can be used by Kids to have fun learning activity using this free game. New stamps of Animals, people, houses, cars, planes, boats, sports, flowers, food gives real fun to your toddlers and KG children. Tux Paint is really a popular drawing program which can be installed easily after download.

Kids Abacus – A free counting game for your kid. Let them learn counting by using easy computer game. This free PC game can help your kids to learn 1-100 counting with easy maths worksheet. Young children will get few audio-visual animations to learn counting easily and with fun while learning.

Little Genius – Easy and Fun way for children to learn alphabet letters and numbers. Free game for your PC with easy installation and basic graphical UI will surely a fun-full game for your Kids to become genius at his/her age.

Free Download Games for children aged 4 and Above

WorDict – Fun puzzle game for kids to assemble words from given random letters. Fun learning game with simple interface and easy installation which will help your children for word building. Time limit, score card and lively music will make it more interactive and challenging. Though it’s part of Kids game, but being Adult you also can try it yourself and I bet you will have fun while playing it.

Tux Typing – Though I have already given a list of Best Games to Increase your typing speed, but unfortunately this game was not part of that list and Now I must highlight in this post as having very good interface and easy navigation make it popular amongst kids. This game also support other languages than English including French, Russian, German etc.

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Multiplication – Very small and light interface, but easy to use multiplication game. This game doesn’t support Windows 7, so if your computer is running with windows 7, you should not try this game. Easy installation, easy to use, chose your answer of given multiplications from 3 options.

Cool Math Game – This is little advanced math game, works even with Windows 7. Using this mathematical learning game, kids can select time and solve as many mathematical problems as they can. Easy to use and user friendly basic graphical interface and maths’ beginners will surely like to play this free game for your PC.

Math Science Quest – This is a wonderful game for children who love Science and maths. This is little advance game and highly recommended for Children ages 7 years and above. Teachers and parents also can take equal benefit of learning maths and science using this free game. Single and Multi-user options will help users to have interactive session of the game.

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