Download Whatsapp Desktop App – List of Missing Features

Later but still before expected, Whatsapp has launched it’s desktop application. Windows users are lucky as whatsapp has launched desktop app not only Mac but also for Windows desktop/laptop users. However, I personally feel it’s just a replica of browser application or web edition of whatsapp but still you will have now executable file which will open a new app on your desktop with Whatsapp icon.


Well, we are having many features in whatsapp when using through our iPhone, Android phones or any other smartphones. But when we are talking about whatsapp desktop app, we may have to compromise with many of these features. Yes, I will drive you through all of those missing features, but before that let’s learn how to download whatsapp desktop app for your Mac or windows based system.

How to Download Whatsapp Desktop Client

It’s quite easy to download and install Whatsapp desktop app for your desktop computer or laptop powered with windows and Mac system.

Step 1: Navigate to and download the application file for your windows or Mac system.

Step 2: Once desktop exe file is downloaded, it may take some time to complete installation of required supporting files and may ask to restart your windows computer/laptop too.

Step 3: Now, you may able to open whatsapp desktop app and first time it will ask you to scan QR code.

Step 4: Open whatsapp on your mobile device and from setting navigate to Whatsapp web

Step 5: Scan the QR code and same like whatsappweb, you can have your whatsapp with your whatsapp desktop app.

That’s it to download whatsapp desktop app and start using it. But this was not the original topic friends, we still have to see what we are going to miss while using whatsapp through desktop app.

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Missing Features on Whatsapp Desktop App

  1. Create New Broadcast List is not possible to achieve through whatsapp desktop app, however existing broadcast list can be used to send broadcast messages.
  2. I still cannot find how to view “starred messages” using whatsapp desktop app.
  3. You won’t get backup options on your desktop app, since it has only mirror of your mobile and all messages are being stored in your mobile app only.
  4. Whatsapp calling is also an key features many users are using, but obviously desktop app won’t be having this feature.
  5. As we know, it’s just a mirror of your mobile app of whatsapp and hence you won’t be able to get photos and other media downloaded locally automatically, however there will be option to download them to your desktop hard drives.

So, these were few of the features I found you might be missing if you rely solely on whatsapp desktop app. Nevertheless, there is nothing to lose to have desktop app for your whatsapp and become more faster in typing, replying and forwarding whatsapp. 🙂

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