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It’s a well known fact that the Indian Youth is not much interested in joining the Armed Forces. The Indian Army, Navy and Air Force has taken a number of steps to create awareness amongst young Indians by a slew of measures like aggressive ad campaign, air shows, campus expeditions etc.

The Indian Air Force has now gone a step ahead and launched a video game to attract youth, especially chidren between age of 14-18, in joining Indian Air Force. The game ‘guardian of the skies” has been officially launched today, i.e. 03 Jul 2014 and available on Android, iOS and Windows platform.

Guardians of The Skies – Free Download

In the gameplay you will be playing a role of combat pilot. The game features realistic air craft assets, high-end 3D graphics , realistic weather scenario and mission briefs. The full game has one training and ten combat missions. The game is launched in two phases. In the first phase, launched today, you have one training and two combat missions. The training mission allows you to learn the baiscs of aircraft flying, the two combat missions forms the base of a war story between Zaruzia and India.  The second phase consisting of eight combat missions will be launched on 08 Oct 2014 (Air Force Day).  The entire game play will allow the player to roleplay all types of mission pilots of Indian Air Force undertakes.

The game allows you to fly SU-30 aircraft initially with all realistic control. Further, you will be trained on MI-17 helicopter. In the combat missions you will be allow to fly all IAF assets viz SU-30, Mirage-2000, Jaguars, Tejas, Phalcon, AWACS, C130, C17, ALH Dhruv etc etc. On successful completion of missions  the players will earn certain awards including gallantry awards.

The trailors of the game launched few months back have received exceptional reviews and the lucky few to download the game now itself have given the highest rankings.

– Very Realistic Mission Profiles
– Highly detailed aircraft models and other assets
– Featuring fighters, transport and helicopter aircraft of the IAF
– Easy to learn training mission for new flyers
– Ten Operational Missions featuring various IAF roles
– Advanced air combat depictions with modern air to air and air to ground weapons
– Uncluttered Head Up Display optimized to display relevant information
– Aircraft Skin changes in phase two
– Multiplayer in phase two
– Optimized for low to medium end smartphones
– First mobile game to be officially based on the Indian Air Force

Free Download Guardians of the Skies

The game should preferably be played with dual-core processor and 1 GB RAM for best effects.
So young guns, go, join the mission and save the skies of India.

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