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Android is taking over a big market share from Apple and considering this fact we should have alternate for all features of iPhone which are still missing in Android. When Apple has launched iPhone 4s their major change in the feature was SIRI which basically recognize voice on the go and perform commanded tasks. If you are driving and you would like to send an important SMS, you always can do that without typing a single bit. Simply use SIRI and command her to type the text you speak and send it to desired recipient.

best android free apps alternative of siri

Below are the few Benefits of SIRI on iPhone

  1. Send SMS
  2. Play music
  3. Create calender events
  4. Get directions on Maps
  5. Type and send email

As SIRI is the built-in product with iOS, it was not available for other mobile OS as additional product. But fortunately there are other apps came immediately which can help Android mobile phone users to have similar features like SIRI as all android users were very excited to have SIRI alternative apps for Android mobile phones or tablets.

Free SIRI Alternative Apps for Android

   1. Jeannie

One of best SIRI like voice assistants which recognize your voice and perform action based on your instructions. Some examples of the phrases you can say to your phone using Jeannie:

  • News about Barack Obama
  • Set Alarm Clock
  • What is the capital of Germany
  • Call Andrew at work
  • Play music by Michel Jackson
  • Remind me to pick up James  in 40 minutes

This free application for Android mobile users provides great speed with bluetooth support, read emails from gmail, whistel for wakeup, reading ebooks etc.

Download Jeannie

2. Skyvi

Skyvi is another best and most downloaded free android application who assist you by recognizing your voice and commands. Skyvi help you to text or call your friends, wake you up in the morning, tell jokes, update your twitter or Facebook etc. Using a great UI it has fantastic performance with most of the features available for other similar apps. It will help you to be hands free with almost all the features which can perform your all required tasks without using keyboard.

Download Skyevi

   3. Maluuba

In terms of real hands free personal assistant  I surely rate Maluuba as best which is having windows 8 design and best UI i can say.  This free android application can help users to Find restaurants, search on the internet, play their favorite music, get the latest movie timings and near by cinemas, best online shopping etc. You need to link your google account and login is one of the requirements to use this app on your android device.

Download Maluuba

   4. vLingo

vLingo is another best app for android mobile phones which can be an alternative for SIRI. It’s simple, fast and user friendly voice recognition android application. It provides fast and accurate voice to text technology and having intelligence to recognize what you say and perform the commanded tasks with much accurately. InCar is the first and only completely hands  free InCar solution that allows you to send and receive messages, make calls, and get directions while keeping two hands on the wheel, and two eyes on the road. Bluetooth and 2.2 is the basic requirement to have InCar solution from vLingo.

Download vLingo

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