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 Now World Gets More Amazed with “Google Tech-Specs”

Yes, Google is now all set to release its much awaited hi-tech eye-wear “Google glass tech specs”. Technocrats would love to know more about this much anticipated endeavor of Google after a glasses tech specs

As per the expectations, in these tech-specs, image capturing is the key feature, as the Google Glass contains 5 mega pixels camera for photos and 720 pixels for video recording. The most important part of this glass is, ‘Display’. According to the firm, these Google Glasses contains high definition screen, which is as equivalent as 25 inch HD display. This display can be viewed even from eight feet away, claims the sources. As far as the memory is concerned, these glasses have the 12 GB of usable memory and it also contains 16 GB of flash memory in total. You can also sync up with Google cloud storage.

Now most importantly, any feature that affects the most to any user are, nose pads, while buying any kind of specs. Well, to your wonder Google tech-specs also have them! And, not only that, but also extra nose pads in two different sizes are included. So these glasses will easily fit to anyone’s face. The glasses are supported by Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) and Bluetooth. But, surprisingly there is No 3G Support, which could be proven a drawback in the short term. The glasses are compatible with any of  the  Bluetooth supported phone. One another interesting app is the, ‘MyGlass’ companion app, however  it enables GPS and SMS messaging  and it requires Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) to work compatibly. So we can say Google Glass is currently android supported.

 Google claims that the battery of this Google tech-glass will surely last for one whole day almost, but the sources have claimed that, video recording & applications like Google Hangouts will drain the battery power more quickly, as these features are more battery intensive. For sound purpose, Google has chosen to replace the traditional headphones or conventional ear buds in favor of a bone conduction transducer, which transmits audio to the one’s inner ear via the bones in his or her skull.
Anyone who is very fond of technology would be very much interested to know that… how this Google tech-glass works….?? So, here is the brief information about it through this illustration.

how google glasses works

These glasses contain a mini-projector, which projected the layer via a clever, semi-transparent prism, directly projected on the retina in the eye. Because of this feature, even though image is so close to the eye, it is sharper, clearer & brighter.

As we know, critics are always there to resist you. These high-tech glasses have been criticized, before their launch in the market. The group known as ‘Stop the Cyborgs’, believes that the new Google hi-tech specs will affect the privacy of any person. They are claiming that no one can ever know if someone wearing these special glasses is recording their each and every movement.

Anyways, there are always pros and cons, so let’s not bother about the cons at this point, and let’s get ready to see the world more beautifully with the eyes of Google specs….!

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