How to Hide and Unhide Facebook Ticker, Get Missing or Gone Sidebar ticker

Facebook has developed a lot functionalities to provide more and more flexibility to all Facebook users. Early this year we have received a superb functionality which is a Facebook Ticker in right sidebar, which basically let you know each and every activity your contacts are doing. If they like some Facebook page you will get an update in this ticker, if they comment on some others photo/status you will get an buzz. Most importantly this ticker keep you up to date with your contact’s activities that too without disturbing you, as it’s not creating any notification, it’s simply a buzz on sidebar which silently letting you know things going on.

How to Hide / Unhide Facebook Ticker

Yes, there could be situations when you might need to Hide ticker from sidebar and as you Hide it, you ofcourse should know how to Unhide Facebook ticker from Sidebar or if it’s missing or gone, you may learn how to get it back. Before that let’s try to understand situations when you need to Hide the ticker.

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   Benefits of Having Facebook Ticker on Sidebar
  • Get update of each and every activity of your contacts
  • Get immediate alert in ticker when any of your friend update status, upload photo or comment on anyone’s post
  • As soon as any Facebook Page post something, ticker will inform you
  • By clicking ticker alert, you can get a zoom of original activity/post and no need to navigate to that post
   Why you may wish to Hide Ticker from Sidebar?
  • It might disturb you and keep you occupied all the time
  • It may take right side bar occupied and you miss some other information like Facebook Advertisements which are more important for you
  • You might wants to check only News feeds which you have customized with limited important feeds
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 How to Hide Facebook Ticker

  • If you are running Facebook with Maximized browser window, you may Restore browser using top right button (next to minimize button) or use shortcut Alt + Spacebar + Enter
  • Once you are with Restored window size, you may found “Hide Ticker” option as shown in below illustration, simply click that and your Facebook Ticker will be invisible from side bar.

hide facebook ticker from sidebar

By following above steps you can hide your Facebook ticker and make it invisible. But there could be situations when you would like to see it back on your Facebook window. You will be shocked when you won’t find any option to Unhide Facebook ticker or get it back by single click. As of today, we don’t have any direct option to Unhide Ticker which is missing.

How to Unhide Facebook Ticker

  • Though there is no direct way as of today, hence you need to follow workaround which will get your ticker back
  • Click on “Events” option from left side bar. You may found it somewhere below “News Feeds” and “Messages”
  • Now click on “Create New Event” button on top right corner, which will open a new window like below
  • Type any dummy Name to create a Dummy Event
  • Click on “Create” button to create this dummy event

create dummy event to get ticker back

Once you complete above steps to create Dummy Event, you need to click “Home” on top blue ribbon to go back to Facebook Home page or you may type in URL. Now you can see a button/link which can help you to unhide Facebook ticker. Simply click on it and your missing Ticker will be back on right sidebar of your Facebook window.

unhide facebook ticker from sidebar

As of today, we don’t have any other solution as per my information. I hope Facebook Development team will soon provide us some direct solution to Unhide Facebook Ticker on sidebar which is missing after you Hide it or due to other technical issues on site or browser.

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