Latest Tricks Of Whatsapp 2015 Updated Tips

Five Latest Tricks of Whatsapp For Android Users


Whatsapp, the most popular personal messaging service, has always been coming up with new features to keep its users engrossed. These five new features listed below have not been officially launched through play store yet you can very well download the same from ‘official Whatsapp website’ and use it on your mobile AND IT IS ABSOLUTELY SAFE.


   Now you can Mark Messages as unread

Now you can mark the Whatsapp message as ‘unread’ after reading them. To do this, after reading the message, go back to the main menu, long press the person’s name and there will be option as ‘mark as unread’. Similarly, without going through the Whatsapp message, you can mark it as ‘read’ too. Also, the mark as unread will also not change the sequence of the messages. This feature is useful when you want to again read the message at a later time. A clarification though, the mark as unread will not change the status as ‘read’ in the senders mobile.

   Hurray..Low Data Consumption in voice calls

We all want to make voice calls through Whatsapp but afraid of the data charges. Well, with this Whatsapp feature, Whatsapp will compress your voice calls and your data consumption will be significantly less. To activate it, go to settings>chat and call settings>call settings.

   Set Custom Ringtones for contacts

Till now, Whatsapp allowed you can set only one ringtone for all groups and contacts. But in this version of Whatsapp, you have a feature to set custom ringtone for each contact. So you may assign a song to your special friend and will immediately know when his/her message comes. To do so, go to ‘about’ tab of the contact (you can do it by long pressing the contact name) and then custom ringtone.

   Thank God…. Mute notification for individual contacts

Again a great feature by Whatsapp to make our life easier. So many times we want to silent few contacts only. Just like custom notification, you can go to ‘about’ tab of the contacts and choose to mute the notification for that person only. Sliding the lock bar to right will give you options like ‘mute chat for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year’. You may choose to ‘show the notification’ or ‘hide the notification’ from the same menu. This Whatsapp feature has given you more freedom to choose the notification.

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   Integration with Google drive

The long awaited feature of integration of Whatsapp with ‘Google drive’ so that you need not to manually upload media to Google drive. Although, this feature is still not fully ‘ON’ in the current version, there is statistics of Google Drive data sent and received in settings>accounts>network usage. This statistics gives a certain hope that in the next update, Whatsapp will be certainly integrated with Google Drive.

For all our readers who are not conversant with installing Whatsapp from the official website, here is a brief guide to do so.

How to back up your account and install the new Whatsapp from official website

  •     download the apk file for android from here.
  •     For other installation files visit and choose your OS.
  •     Disable the data connection.
  •     Back up your existing Whatsapp data from Whatsapp application settings>account.
  •     Install the apk file you just downloaded. Click yes to all permissions and your new Whatsapp is ready to use.

Well, we tried to deliver Latest Tricks of Whatsapp if you want to start immediately with beta version. However, you may wait for few weeks and it will be available in play store.


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