How to Move Facebook Chat to Sidebar ! New Facebook Tricks 2014

Facebook is widely used social medium of late. Almost everyone who has visited internet, has a Facebook account. Notwithstanding these huge popularity, there is many new tips and tricks of Facebook for the year 2014 not known to many people. Here we are listing a very lesser known Facebook trick which will help you to understand how easily you can move Facebook chat to sidebar.


* This trick works only on Mozilla Firefox

We all use Facebook to chat with friends. But biggest drawback of Facebook chat is it is fixed to bottom right corner of your Facebook page. So every-time replying to a chat message you have to revert back to the ‘Facebook tab’. Thankfully, the Mozilla Firefox browser has made a way out. All you have to do is following:-

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1.    The feature is available in organize bookmarks. In my Mozilla 20.0.1, bookmarks are located as below.
2.    Go  to bookmark menu on right side top of Mozilla browser.

3.    Click show all bookmarks

Facebook New Tricks 2014 Move chat to sidebar
4.    The following window will open. Click on Organize and then on New Bookmark.

Facebook New Tricks 2014 Move chat to sidebar1
5.    In the name field give name you like, ‘Facebook chat’,
6.    in the location type
7.    don’t forget to check “load this bookmark in sidebar”

Facebook New Tricks 2014 Move chat to sidebar2
8.    Lo and behold, here we go, launch Firefox and log-in to your Facebook account, now your Facebook chat will be displayed in side bar. You can chat with your friends while checking your mails or watching youtube videos or doing any other things on the net.
Facebook New Tricks 2014 Move chat to sidebar3

Here you go, you can see in above screenshot we are browsing yahoo emails and simultaneously we can chat on Facebook as we have learn how to Move Facebook chat to Sidebar with latest Facebook Tricks of 2014.

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