New Facebook Messenger Features That Blow Your Mind

Well, first of all IF you haven’t updated your iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, Micromax or any other Android based smartphone with new Facebook messenger 2016; Do it now. Because without updating your Facebook messenger you won’t be able to blow your mind with new Facebook messenger features which are really amazing.

Here we go, so we all know that in today’s social media competition among various messenger, one has to keep introducing new features to make messenger more and more friendly and attractive. Facebook messenger is one of the lucky messenger which is being considered as most popular messenger even in such big competition where you have Whatsapp messenger, hike messenger, line messenger etc.


Let’s go through new Facebook messenger features which are introduced recently in late February 2016.

New Facebook Messenger Features

Before I start demonstrating new features, let me tell you one thing. All of the new features of Facebook messenger I am showing are belongs to individual chat box. So, keep in mind you have to first open an individual Chat and goto the settings of that particular chat to get these new features of 2016.

Nick Name: Well, many of us are having friends on Facebook where they have either kept some Nick names or we might like them to remember with their Nick names. Now using new Facebook messenger; you can change Nick name in messenger by going inside setting of that friend’s chat settings as shown below. However, you friend also will get an notification of this change and he/she will also have facility to change their or yours nick name in new facebook messenger.


Text Color: This is really a fantastic feature introduced in new fb messenger. You can now change text color of Facebook chat in your new Facebook messenger 2016. By exploring your chat with one of your contact, you can decide the text color of messenger for that individual contact. If you friend doesn’t like your choice, he/she can override your choice by changing text color again. By changing text color it will not only change the chat text, but it also change entire messenger them. So, you can have completely new Facebook messenger them with this feature. Your them/text color with other contacts will still remain same unless you go and change them manually.


Use Big Smiley: Yes, this was already part of previous version of Facebook messenger but still many are not yet aware of this new Facebook messenger feature with the use of that you can send Big smiley to chat box. You will have plenty of big smileys, gifs and emotions which you can use as per the mood of yours to tease, express your mate.


Mute Chat: Many times we are passing through situation when unwanted contacts are keep poking. Now it’s easy, you can mute individual chat or turn off Facebook messenger notification for individual contact. That too with many options of couple of minutes, hours or even till the time you turn back on notification. Isn’t this feature of new Facebook messenger is giving relief to many around here?


So, just download latest Facebook messenger 2016 and explore excellent cool new features which will allow you to use Facebook messenger as Whatsapp or Hike messenger and you will simply amazed with it.

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