PlayStation 4 is now in India, grab it for Rs. 39, 990


Sony has unveiled its 4th edition of the PlayStation in India by announcing that this entertaining tool will be available in most of the retail stores across India and also online stores starting from the 6th of January and guess what!!? Sony has kept its promise and PS4 is now listed in ‘in-stock’ section of most of the leading online outlets in India.

Most of these online retailers are offering immediate shipping which only means that there is an adequate stock available with them even after the pre-orders were delivered successfully.

The PlayStation 4 was launched in the United States on the 15th of November last year and it has been revealed by Sony that it has sold over 2.1 PS4 within three months of its launch in the US market. Out of this almost 1 million PS4s were sold on its launch date itself.

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The Sony PlayStation 4 is powered with an integrated CPU-GPU design which features 8-core low power x86-64 AMD ‘Jaguar’ CPU. It is also coupled with a 1.84 TFLOPS AMD Radeon GPU. The secondary processor will do the network processing tasks in a standby mode which will optimize  your power consumption.

This Sony PS4 will have a price tag of Rs. 39, 990 and it will also carry an additional controller and a PlayStation Camera which has a price tag of Rs. 4, 990. The first party gaming titles are available at the price or Rs. 3, 999 each whereas the third-party titles will cost between Rs. 2, 499 and Rs. 4, 499 respectively.

The Xbox One from Microsoft is the only near competitor for Sony PS4 in the Indian market. The other worldwide competitors like Nintendo Wii U is yet to make an entry into this two way competition in India. Although the arrival of the Microsoft Xbox One is also not assured as Microsoft has given only a tentative date for the launch which was late this year but now since the Sony PS4 has been arrived it is learned that Xbox may make an entry in India, as early as in mid-2014.

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