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Latest Candy Crush Tips and Tricks

You must have played Candy Crush while remaining login in your Facebook account for hours. Available on Facebook, iPhone, iPad etc., this game is immensely popular all over the world and is still going strong. Initially, the levels seem pretty much easier, but the things start changing after a few levels in a Candy Crush Saga. Here are some Candy Crush popular tips and tricks that will help you to play the much adorable game effortlessly.

   Reshuffling the candies

As you have already played Candy Crush multitude of times, just a glance on your candies can tell you in advance whether it is hard to play or not. In such a case, just before doing anything, press the exit button and when you again return to the game, your candies will be reshuffled!

Chances are high that this time, the candies will be easier to match. You are not going to lose any life by this candy crush trick. However, remember that this tip or trick is not applicable for the levels where there are time constraints while playing.

candy crush tips and tricks

    + 5 Candies to beat time

The easiest way to beat the time challenge is to collect + 5 candies as fast as possible. This will add some more time to the tickling clock. The trick to passing timed levels is getting as many +5 candies as possible to add more time to clock. This Cool Candy Crush trick is easy to perform by crushing the + 5 candies featuring on your screen.

This Candy Crush Saga Tip will be very useful at level 252 where time pressure is massive and earning points become much difficult. Every time, whenever you crush a +5 candy, chances are high that there will form a cascade of four candies or sometimes even more.

candy crush tips and tricks 2014

    Intelligent use of striped candies

Don’t just believe on your luck to earn fast points in candy crush game. You must have noticed stripped candies. You can make intelligent use of these candies to crush more candies in a one go.

This is a simple but effective candy crush trick to immediately clear an area of 3 x 3. A stripped candy when used in the combination with a wrapped candy will give you an enlarged candy with stripes and this will help in crushing many candies.

candy crush tips and tricks best

    Two color bombs

The strategy of using two color bombs is a useful candy crush tip. The sheer amount of joy that you will get after combing these two is unparalleled and this is mainly due to the fact that such a combination results in clearing a major part of your puzzle. This trick also helps you to earn plenty of quick points. So never feel shy to use this explosive combination to have a winning edge while playing candy crush.

candy crush tips and tricks latest

Thus, now you are armed perfectly with some tricks and tricks on candy crush saga that will help you to earn more points and to successfully overcome each level. Just try these tricks once and see the ease in playing.

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