Secure lastseen stamp, profile photo and status on Whatsapp Messenger for Android, latest Features to Hide

It’s not a news anymore that Facebook has taken over Whatsapp messenger by paying around 16 Billion US$. Yes, now we should expect few new features which might be introduced by Facebook’s technical team and as part of that last night Whatsapp was down 😉

Although, we have teach you how to Hide Lastseen Stamp for Whatsapp on your Android mobile phone, but that was through some workaround and unauthorized apps. In Recent version change by Whatsapp, they have provided 3 key feature each Whatsapp user is looking for. Though this version is not yet officially released on Google play, but by downloading direct through whatsapp website, you can have apk file and enjoy these fantastic features.

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How to Secure Lastseen Stamp on Whatsapp

   #1. Hide last seen stamp

Why we need to hide “Last seen” time stamp?

  • When you are getting messages which are not of your interest and you need to ignore
  • When you are part of group and getting hundres of messages which are of no use
  • Someone is irritating you by sending lots of messages
  • Your customer/supplier asking you some details through Whatsapp messages and you need more time to respond back.

In all above cases, you will get caught if your last seen is visible to your contacts. They may not feel good, if you are reading their messages but not replying to them.

secure last seen stamp profile photo whatsapp androidsecure whatsapp

With latest version of Whatsapp, you can customize who can see your “Last seen time”. By default it’s for “Everyone” but you can customize it with your individual contacts or None.

P.S.- If you hide last seen for your contacts, you also can’t see last seen of your contacts 🙂

   #2. Secure Profile Photo

In earlier versions of whatsapp, your profile photo was not at all secure and because of this reason, there are lots of users who were not putting their real family photo as Whatsapp profile pic.

Nothing to worry now, you can secure your profile picture with new version of Whatsapp messenger and keep it visible to either Everyone, Only your contacts or None.

#3. Secure your Whatsapp status

Similar to profile picture and last seen stamp, you can secure your Whatsapp status too. Now freely write whatever status you wants and secure it with new feature introduced in latest Whatsapp messenger for Android mobile users.

How to Install latest Version of Whatsapp?

You may not see these features even after you update and install Whatsapp from Google play as latest version is still not available/uploaded on Google play. I am not sure about exact reason behind this, but there might be testing issue. But you can get latest .apk file from Whatsapp website or by downloading from below link.

Download Whatsapp APK

Kindly allow installation of apk file from unknow sources through Settings –> Security –> Unknown sources

allow external apk file

What is still missing?

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Well, these are really fantastic features. But currently we can have onlye three options to secure “Last seen time”, “Profile picture” and “Status” which are “Everyone”, “Contacts only” and “None”. They could have given option for selected contacts, Contact Groups etc.

Nevertheless, since Facebook has taken over Whatsapp, we can expect such features on board soon.

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