How to Stop Candy Crush Requests, Invites, Notifications on Facebook

stop candy crush requests on facebookI know, it’s getting more and more annoyed as day by day we are getting plenty of Candy crush requests and notifications in our Facebook account 🙁 . We definitely can stop candy crush requests by following simple steps I will explain later in this article. Before that, let me explain you why you are receiving such requests.

Not only Candy crush saga, there are plenty of Facebook applications available. Such applications are generally asking you permission before you start playing or using them. Without reading the message or without thinking the impact you simply agree on all conditions. Once you agree, such applications will post on your wall automatically, send such notifications to your friends without your knowledge etc. Which might not be disturbing you but it’s really annoying for your friends. You might get unfriend or blocked by some of your friends if they really get disturbed.

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Let’s come back to exploring the best solution. If your Facebook friends have done above mistake and you are getting plenty of Candy crush invites and notifications, how you can stop receiving them? Let’s follow below steps to stop Candy crush requests on your Facebook.

How to Stop Candy Crush Requests

  1. Click on The Notification

Most of the time, we keep ignoring such notifications and not clicking on them. Let’s click once for last time 🙂

stop candy crush notifications

  2. Get into Application Page

Once you click on Notification, you will be prompted with below message. Don’t click “Play”, but click “Cancel” as shown.

stop candy crush saga invites

  3. Let’s “Block” application

Now you are on the home page of candy crush saga which is sending you lots of notifications and invites. Don’t you like to slap it? I mean let’s Block it and get rid out of it. Click “Block”

stop candy crush requests

  4. Re-Confirm your block request

As soon as you click “Block” to stop candy crush invites, you will be prompted to re-confirm your block request. Simply confirm it.

stop candy crush saga notifications

  5. Congratulations, you are all done.

As soon as you receive below message, you have done your task. Now you won’t get any annoying requests from Candy crush Saga and you could able to stop candy crush notifications now.

candy crush saga blocked confirmation

So, this is just all about stop candy crush saga invites on Facebook. Similarly you can block any annoying applications which might disturbing you by sending plenty of notifications. Please use social media buttons to share this in your network.

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