Sugar Drop Feature In Candy Crush Saga Including Best Sugar Drop Level List



Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular games on mobiles as well as PCs. Reason for this consistent popularity is the ability of the developers to introduce new features on regular bases. One of the latest features introduced by the developers is ‘sugar drop’. This feature was introduced in Apr 2015.

   what is sugar drop feature in candy crush sagaWhat is Sugar Drop feature?

Sugar drop feature is a booster reward program. Before this feature, the only way to collect boosters (like colour bomb, lucky candy, hammer, free switch, coconut wheel, jelly fish) was daily spin of lucky wheel. However, with introduction of this feature you can collect these rewards after collection of certain numbers of sugar drops. Since this feature is new and under testing period, certain elements are different on devices (like number of sugar drops required to collect reward, sugar drop levels, cooling off periods etc.)

sugar drop level in candy crush saga   Which are sugar drop levels and how they are displayed?

In each episode, three levels are available to collect sugar drops. You can collect sugar drops only once in each level during one cycle. However, all your latest level will have sugar drops. The sugar drop levels are numbered with raised ‘C’ in the mobile devices.

   how get sugar drops in candy crush sagaHow will you get sugar drops?

During the game play, as and when five combos are made in single move, a sugar drop will be made on the board. On conveyer belt levels, if moves are made by conveyer belt, you may get two sugar drops in single move. You have to match these sugar drops to claim it. Even if you fail the level, the sugar drops will be collected and counted towards rewards.

   Where are sugar drops collected?

where are sugar drops collected in candy crush sagaThere is a jar on the bottom left corner of the screen. All collected sugar drops are shown in this jar.

   How many candies are required to claim rewards?

how many candies are required to claim reward in candy crush sagaThese quantities differ in various devices and PCs (Based on the android and kernel versions). Typically, in one cycle, you get five rewards after collecting 24, 60, 84, 120 and 180 sugar drops. (in some devices total drops are upto 240 or even 600).

   What are the rewards?

Typically, in one cycle, you may get 2 gold bars, 2 hammers, 3 color bombs, 2 jelly fishes. 2 coconut wheels and 3 free switches.

   What is cooling off period?

After you completed a cycle, i.e. you collected 180/240/600 drops as applicable, there is a cooling off period of 8 hours. (in some devices, the period is of 12 hours). During the cooling off period, you can not collect the sugar drops. During the cooling off period, the sugar drop level is grey out and a timer is displayed.

what is cooling off period in candy crush saga

   What are the best levels to collect sugar drops?

Of course you will like to complete the cycle of 180 sugar drops at the earliest so that you can play your latest levels or start the cooling off period for next cycle. So here is the list of best levels which can give you maximum sugar drops and also with high probability of completing the level (so that your life is saved).

Note: Some levels might not be sugar drop level on few devices.

43, 282, 666, 935, 932, 906, 128, 55, 66, 874.

I hope this article will help you to understood the sugar drop feature and earn you sufficient rewards to pass future levels easily. You must have learned sugar drop feature in Candy Crush Saga with Sugar drop level List.


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