Tips and Tricks for Clash of Clans Gems

The popular game Clash of Clans captivates players with its exciting mix of plan, arrangement simulation and multiplayer fights in real time. Here you will find best tricks for clash of clans to get more Clash-of-Clans Gems. The instructions can be found at the achievement that is empire Builders.

Tips and Tricks for Clash of Clans Gems


Clash-Of-Clans Gems

Tips and Tricks for Clash of Clans Gems

With the premium currency, the Clash-of-Clans Gems, you can quickly expand your building and reach higher levels in Clash of Clans.

These are the latest clash of clans tips on how you come to more Clash-of-Clans Gems:

  • To get quickly to many Clash-of-Clans Gems and experience points, you should complete as many achievements.
  • The easiest way to pick up is the big box achievement. Here you have to improve in the first stage only the gold stock on Level. 2 Thereby you get two Clash-of-Clans Gems.
  • If you improve the gold stock on Level 5, you are rewarded with five Clash-of-Clans Gems.
  • If you advance the gold stock on level 10, you gain five Clash-of-Clans-diamonds.

Clash-Of-Clans-Gems: Bigger And Better Achievement

  • Thus, you will gain five Clash-of-Clans Gems; you have the town hall to improve level 3.
  • If the town hall level reaches 5, you gain ten Clash-of-Clans Gems given.
  • A prize of ten Clash-of-Clans Gems you gain at the town hall level 8.

These tips for clash of clans will help you to achieve above goal.

Clash-Of-Clans-Gems: Grab the Goblins Achievement

  • To get five Clash-of-Clans Gems, you have at achievement Grab the goblins! Grab 5 stars on the campaign map.
  • To reap ten Clash-of-Clans-Gems, 50 stars have to be won on the campaign map.

Grab the Goblins Achievement

Clash-of-Clans-Gems: Pretty and Neat Achievement

  • To get five Clash-of-Clans Gems, you have at achievement Pretty and neat 5 obstacles (trees, rocks or bushes) remove.
  • To unlock ten Clash-of-Clans Gems, must be cleared away at achievement pretty and neat 50 obstacles (trees, rocks or bushes).
  • So that your 20 Clash-of-Clans-diamonds receive the achievement Pretty and neat, 500 obstacles (trees, rocks or bushes) must be removed.

Clash-Of-Clans-Gems: Release the Beast Achievement

Who would like to reap five clash-of-clans Gems, must unlock at achievement Release the beast archers in the barracks.

  • To unlock ten Clash-of-Clans Gems, you must unlock your wall breaker in the barrack.
  • It applies 20 Clash-of-Clans Gems to unlock Dragons in the barracks.

Clash-Of-Clans-Gems: Gold Hunt Achievement

  • So that you can credit five Clash-of-Clans Gems, you have to steal 20,000 gold pieces.
  • To get ten Clash-of-Clans Gems, you have to steal 1,000,000 gold pieces.
  • Thus, their Gold Hunt comes 20 Gems of achievement; you have to steal 100 million gold pieces.


Clash-Of-Clans-Gems: Elixir Escapades Achievement

  • For five Clash-of-Clans Gems, you have to steal 20,000 elixirs.
  • Thus, you will be rewarded with ten Clash-of-Clans Gems, 1,000,000 elixirs to be stolen.
  • Proud 100,000,000 elixirs to be stolen, in order to get 20 Clash-of-Clans Gems.

Clash-of-Clans-Gems: Sweet Victory Achievement

To get through the Clash-of-Clans-achievement Sweet Victory five Gems, you need to reach a total of 75 Trophies in multiplayer battles.

  • Thus, Clash of clans’ users can insert ten Gems; they must activate a total of 750 trophies in multiplayer battles.

It is to reap a total of 1250 trophies in multiplayer battles for 450 Clash-of-Clans Gems.

Sweet Victory Achievement in clash of clans

Clash-of-Clans-Gems: Empire Builder Achievement

  • Who builds his clan castle again, gets in the Clash-of-Clans-achievement Empire Builder five Gems.
  • Improves the player’s clan castle on Level 2, he receives ten Clash-of-Clans Gems.
  • To get 20 Clash-of-Clans Gems, you have the Clan Castle Level 4 on improving.

Clash of Clan Gems: More Tips to Getting Gems

Here are some more tips and tricks for clash of clans:

  • Take with you at the beginning of all tasks, which can get you.
  • Join a good clan. The best are rewarded that with many thousands of Gems, which then divided among the participants of the clan.
  • You – find Gems as already mentioned – if you remove mushrooms, trees and stones.
  • Collect as many trophies as possible.

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