Tips and tricks for windows mobile 8.1 and Lumia

The history of window mobile is quite interesting. Microsoft, the matrix of smartphones and Pocket PCs, launched Windows Mobile as PocketPC in 2000. After three years, it was named Windows Mobile and came in several versions. In 2007, it was the most popular and the No. 1 US smartphone software but its popularity waned a year after. So many versions of the Mobile were created to face rigid competitions. Eventually, Microsoft sopped developing Windows Mobile and concentrated on Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 8.1 is an updated version to the operating system of Microsoft Windows Phone. In was introduced during the company’s 2014 Build Conference. It features many new devices, the best was Lumia 930.

If you own a Windows Mobile, you can use these windows lumia tricks for your best advantage.

Windows mobile 8.1 and Lumia


Two years ago, the new Windows Phone 8.1 OS came back with bang. A stunner in appearance and versatile capability, you can find it in every Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8. Today, Windows Phone 8.1 ranked third as the most popular Smartphones OS from software giant Microsoft.

Its best features are:

  • Action Center (hands on video)
  • Apps + Store with app and game data stored on SD cards
  • Bing smart search and podcast
  • Browser – Internet Explorer 11 and more
  • Burst camera including auto-deletion of bursts
  • Developer with various background tasks
  • Email with all support
  • Enterprise and Office
  • General User Experience changes
  • Google calendar support, with weather in calendar and week view;
  • Keyboard
  • Media
  • Messaging
  • Phone + Contacts
  • Sense
  • System

Here are useful tips and tricks for windows mobile 8.1:

1. Copy any text from anywhere

If you want to copy some text from a TV show or anywhere in your computer, you can copy it quickly using your Windows Phone 8. 1


2. Create zooming Screen

If your eyes no longer have 20-20 vision or the message is too messy to read, just use your mobile. Check out Windows Phone Ease of Use setting and zoom it for the words to appear bigger.


3. Mobile follows your commanding voice

You are the boss; you can utilize your voice to command Windows Phone 8. Simply activate Voice Command mode.

4. Play any music of your choice

Enjoy beautiful music around you. With your Windows Phone, it is very easy to find your favorite songs.

5. Respond to caller using an SMS

Avoid missing important calls through the built-in feature of your Windows Phone 8.1 device. You can text messages to caller.


6. Sky Drive helps create photos backup

You might run out of storage for the many photos you are taking. Store your snaps in a more secure place with Sky Drive. It can create a backup for all your pictures.

7. Translate text of any language with camera

With Lumia in your mobile, the powerful camera on your phone can translate text from 39 different languages! It’s kind of built in OCR.


8. Your very own Games corner

Feel young and use Kids corner as your Games corner. This is your best option to play games and entertainment.


There is no mobile like windows 8.1 tricks for lumia.  These tips can go a long way in using your phone to the max. Unless you discover these hidden tricks and make use of these tips, your phone will be just like other mobiles.

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