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Tips to Tackle Your iPhone Apple is one of the masters in the state-of-the-art gadget manufacturing business. Across the world, this pioneer of the gadget planet has made a remarkable impression on every consumer’s mind. But operating an Apple product is always a bit different and unique than the other devices of the same genre. For instance- Apple iphone mobile has its own apps and operating system unlike other smart phones. Therefore, you always need to know some important facts and tricks to handle your Apple product with much more efficiency and without consuming much energy of your device. Let’s take a look on the tips below so that the next time you try your hands upon your upscale device, you can be sure of using it just rightly and with no wastage of energy.

  1. Set An Alphanumeric Passcode

It is always better to follow some secured steps and make your devices far better performing and a safe locker where you can protect your important data and contents. With the little help of an alphanumeric passcode, you can do it with no trouble.

  1. Save Energy As Much As You Can

This is the best way to make your smart device to give a dynamic performance throughout without draining out in a little while. Make sure all your apps and options are turned off when not in use, such as- Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, LTE, Auto-Brightness, etc.

  1. Custom Vibrate Alerts

The best part of the Apple iPhones is that you can easily program your device’s notification alerts by assigning different tones to different alerts so that you can differentiate them. Within the Settings, you will get the access of its Sounds menu where you can use this feature and set the options as per your preferences.

  1. Forget Apple Maps, Google Maps Are Better

Initially, Apple had included the Apple maps in its Apple iPhone mobiles and put aside the much loved Google maps. But the brand had come out with blunder full results thereafter that disheartened many of its admirers. Naturally, Apple made a public apology and as a result, now you can easily download a Google map app in your Apple de3vice and access it with zero lag or error.

  1. Tweet via Siri

Siri is Apple’s popular voice assistant that will not only help you grabbing and gathering information right from the web pages but will also write for you on the twitter. Yeah, absolutely heart-winning!

  1. Do Not Disturb

With this feature, you can simply silent the notification alerts and calls at the time when the device is locked. But not to worry, as it never restricts the important calls and you can filter some callers and allow them to call even while this mode is on its way of working.

  1. Hide Unused Apps

Of course, your Apple device has much more space to adequate a great many number of applications. But when you are not using some of them, then there is simply no point of turning them on or making them visible all the time you have a hold of your gadget. Instead hide them all. Unfortunately you can’t just delete them once installed.

The Last Word

There is great range of tricks and tips that help in operating apple devices in a better and advanced way. All you have to keep in mind that your device can save energy alongside giving you the desired backup and capabilities. You just have to be a bit witty to check out each and every option of your device without giving much stress on its inner machinery because at the end, all you will get is the flawless mobile operating experience.

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