Tricks to Turn Your Old Smartphone into a Camera | Download Free Spy Camera Apps

Use mobile as spy cameraThese days changing a phone is very common amongst youngster and for all. Most of us are having at least one smartphone lying with us and with almost no use. We can smartly utilize it and turn old smartphone into a camera which will help us to monitor activities at home when we are away or at work.

How Easily Turn Old Smartphone into a Camera

Method 1: Download Free Apps to turn your smartphone into a spy camera

Though there can be lots of Free apps which will support your smart device to solve the current purpose, however I would like to suggest Free application called ‘Web of Cam’ and you may follow below steps to use it to turn your smartphone as camera.

Step 1: Download Free Application for your iPhone, iPad, Android device or Symbian

Step 2: Install this app on your old smartphone which will be acting as spy camera

Step 3: Login with Google username and password to Configure this app on your old smart device. Select “Camera” when it ask to select between “Camera” and “Viewer” options

download free apps to convert your old smartphone into a spy camera

Step 4: Find a best location to place your spy camera which should be in position to cover required area for monitoring.

Step 5: Install same application in your new smartphone or tablet which will be with you to view/monitor activities

Step 6: Use same Google credential to login and select “Viewer” option and you will find ‘available cameras’ and you may select the first (old) device as camera

You are all done. You can configure camera device tobe used for front or rear camera as well as when to put that device on stand by mode etc.

Since this app will work in background all the time, you have to make sure to get your camera phone connected with power supply all the time as battery may not last longer.

Though above method is very good to turn your old smartphone into a camera but there could be problem with your ‘camera’ phone as it will be on for 24×7 which can make your device heat up and may damage sometime. Also there will be utilization of Data/wifi connection all the time. Let me explain another method which can be used for same purpose.

Method 2: Use Skype or other video calling software to turn phone as spy camera

To avoid problems we have identified in method 1, we may use this method which will be using video calling software like skype to turn your old smart mobile phones into a spy camera.

Step 1: Install Skype on your old smartphone

Step 2: Create a new skype user and login with that.

Step 3: Goto settings and enable the option to answer the calls Automatically and to Answer calls only from the contact list.

use skype on old smartphone to turn into a camera

Step 4: Add your personal (existing) skype ID into contact list of newly created skype on old phone

Step 5: Add your new skype ID in your existing mobile

There you go!! Now, whenever you need to monitor activity at home, you may call skype on new account and since we have setup “Auto Answer” it will start a video conversation without ringing and you may able to see the other side activities.

I hope these both methods will be useful to you to turn your old smartphone into a Camera. So simply follow methods demonstrated above and protect your house, corridors, balcony etc with a smart spy.

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  1. Bhavesh Savla

    Sep 08. 2014

    web of cam app works only on IP (same wi-fi network).

    Is there any other app, using which I can setup 1 mobile @home and view it in office (over 2G, 3G)?

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