Useful Tricks For Gmail Account Holders | 2013 Hidden Tips

Gmail is the best mail provider in today’s time. If you have gmail account then you should know listed useful Tricks for Gmail. It is true indeed as gmail has started a revolution with regards to emails in general. It has completely changed the way how people handle their day to day emails.

In this article we will explore some extremely useful tricks that can be made use of to use gmail to its full potential. Let’s have a look:

Hidden Tips and Tricks for Gmail

useful tips and tricks for gmail

Don’t ever miss attaching a file:

It is embarrassing indeed if you send a mail but forget to attach what you intended to send. It looks totally unprofessional. But the best part about gmail is that if you have used the word “attach” in it, it will prompt you from throwing up a pop up window asking you whether or not you are to attach anything? Talk about being considerate! So how to go about with it is, from settings click on the Labs tab and select enable for the forgot attachment detector and then of course save the settings.

Automatic forwarding of emails:

If at a time you have access to only one account and cannot access gmail, then you can directly forward your mails from gmail to any other provider. You just need to go to the settings link and click on the POP/IMAP tab and enable the forward a copy of incoming mail to and then mention the email address.

Searching made easy on gmail:

Googles main business was and will continue to be indexing and searching, so no one can beat the king on that! This holds true even for gmail. The search feature is amazing and no match. One quick entry in the search bar and you find the mail that you are looking for. It will display the results of the particular word not just from emails, but also from chats and archives. A simple trick if you want to make your search more specific is to use this command “search text in: particular folder name” this will limit your search efforts only to the restricted path.

Want to turn on or turn off the highlighting when you search?

When you make a search entry, the text gets highlighted in yellow. At times, this is not required. For instance, if you want to take a screenshot of the same you might not be comfortable doing so with the highlights on the page. Thus, there is a way to effectively complete your search and not highlight anything by simply clicking on the Turn off highlight link that appears at the top right column. If you have to click it again, it will turn-on the highlighting but won’t reload the page.

Security concerns?

An Inbox could not get more personal. Thus, since it is person it would also require all the security it could get. Gmail has a feature of allowing you to check your last login details. In doing so it displays 5 of the recent activities done in your gmail.

All you have to do is click on the ‘details link in the line of last account activity which appears at the bottom of the page.

These were few easy and useful tips and tricks for making the most out of gmail.


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