Volkswagen iBeetle gets iPhone 5 Integration

iPhone 5 integration with latest Volkswagen iBeetle

The Volkswagen Beetle and Apple iPhone seem like they belonging together, like Peas and Carrots. The rumors about Volkswagen and Apple collaborating on an iCar  has come to realization this week, when Volkswagen unveils its iBeetle at the Auto China workshop, 2013 held in Shanghai. Volkswagen’s new iBeetle, being revealed today at the Shanghai Auto show, attempts to piggyback onto the popularity of the Apple iPhone5 to attract today’s young generation and hip folks.

The I Beetle, developed in conjunction with Apple, it includes a dashboard-mounted dock for the iPhone 5, and an app that integrates the iPhone 5 with the Beetle.  While connected and charging through the dock, the  iPhone can be used as a navigation system, for phone calls, and for music. The system promises to have more features and integration than the docks and car apps from other carmakers and in the aftermarket.  The iBeetle app also includes the feature named “Expert,” which makes the iPhone an extra panel instrument with a G-meter, oil and coolant temperature gauges, a chronometer, and a compass “Photo” which will use the iPhone’s camera itself to take a picture from inside the car and send it to social networks. Another feature named, “Milestones”, which will work like Xbox achievements, which is available when the smart phone is undocked, and rewards users with virtual “milestone stickers” when certain tasks are completed.. Another application offers text-to-voice functionality for standard text messages or updates on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. They are really amazing features any car has ever had, said the experts.

Built into the center of the car’s dashboard, the docking station allows the driver to simply snap in their iPhone, immediately connecting it with the vehicle and allowing for functions like navigation, hands-free phone calls, and music.The iBeetle is a real production car, not a what-if show car, and will be launched early next year as a separate model with its own distinctive wheels and some other cues. But the main difference is a phone dock atop the dashboard that allows integration of the phone’s functions and many apps – including some car apps developed specifically for this model in cooperation with Apple for things such as extra instrumentation. And furthermore, the integration also functions wireless – a good thing given that, as any Apple user knows, the company regularly changes device form factors and creates new power and data connectors. That could render the car’s iPhone5 dock obsolete as soon as iPhone6 appears which will be a lot sooner than you are ready to change cars.

Regarding the interior, the car’s owner can also add a Galvano Grey steering wheel, a customized shift lever grip, Galvano Grey dash accents and sport seats in black leather. Volkswagen isn’t the first automaker to pair with Apple; Honda/Acura, Mercedes-Benz, and Mini, already have caught on to the smart phone’s popularity. However, it is the first to also take on Apple’s “i” nomenclature, and adapt iPhone design elements onto the vehicle.
The other interesting features of this iBeetle App are :

  • Spotify will let you stream songs, playlists or online radio and post music to friends.
  • An app that send your current location to friends as a digital postcard with a map.
  • An app that can also compare the time, distance and fuel use for different routes (and post your times to social networks).
  • And – Be careful with this one — an app that send photos of what you’re doing in the car to social networks automatically when the app is activated.

By 2014, iBeetle will be available in the U.S. Although, this app is yet available for i-Users only as Volkswagen has not announced any plans at this time to release a version of the Beetle that’s compatible with Android or Windows Phone devices.

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