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It was terrible for me when I spent more than 5 hours to get back my Whatsapp chat history, specially when I felt that I may have to give up with my Whatsapp chat history. All of sudden when I tried to start Whatsapp application on my beloved iPhone 6 mobile, whatsapp not loading any chat nor any error message and it stopped application abnormally. Unfortunately I have not taken Whatsapp backup on cloud since 2.5 years 🙁 . I thought may be due to some minor bug it might have happened and it will be back to normal soon, but even after all basic steps I followed I could not get it back. Yes, I could solve the issue of Whats not loading on iPhone powered with iOs 9 and I will surely explain step by step help but before that below are the basic trouble shooting steps I followed, though it didn’t work for me; but you never know 🙂

Solved : Whatsapp Not Loading on iPhone

Step 1 – Update Whatsapp to latest version

I know, you also will be like me, who always keep their iPhone OS and all related apps up to date with latest version. If not, please upgrade to latest version of Whatsapp if it’s not loading. Any known bugs, might have fixed in latest version and it might start working for you.

Step 2 – Restart iPhone

Yes, this is very basic step we all know and I am sure you must have followed! Reboot or restart iPhone will free up internal cache and memory and if the issue of whatsapp is related to that, this step may help to solve the issue without going further deep toward solution.

Step 3 – Reset Network Settings

Many times, due to changes in network settings could lead some conflict with app configuration with phone. If that is the reason your iPhone whatsapp is not loading any chat, you can try to resolve it by resetting Network settings as shown below.

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Step 4 – Restore using iTune

One of my friend suggested to take complete backup of iPhone and restore using iTunes may help. Since, I was desperate to start my Whatsapp back which has stopped loading on iPhone 6; I decided to go with his advise. It took almost 10 minutes to take full backup of my iPhone and then he suggested to restore as new iPhone and then restore backup. So complete process took more than 45 minutes with no result. One can imagine my situation!

Step 5 – Whatsapp chat backup using Third party Softwares

I know, you must be thinking what’s this third party software? Yes, there are couple of third party software available online, which will help you to take backup only of specific applications including whatsapp. I tried one of them; ofcourse that was paid but one of my friend had the license and I thought to try with that. It successfully extracted text chat history of my whatsapp, but unfortunately it fails to extract media and attachment history.

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Finally What Worked to load Whatsapp?

I was about to give up with my chat history after hours exercise to try all possible ways to re-load whatsapp on my iPhone. But then thought to Erase all content manually (not using iTunes) and restore my last iTune backup. I now, technically there is no difference if you erase content using iTune or manually from iPhone. But somehow, when I erase content using iTune and restore last backup didn’t worked. And when I did the same thing following below steps, it did solved the problem.


After erasing and resetting all content and settings, I connected my iPhone with laptop and iTunes to restore last backup. It again took another 35 minutes or so and finally my Whatsapp loaded successfully without any further issues.

Bonus Tip:

As soon as my whatsapp loaded, before reading hundred of messages from many chats, I simply went to settings and took whatsapp backup on iCloud 🙂 And decided to take it periodically without fail.

So, do it now, take whatsapp backup on iCloud and feel safe as this is a common bug in iOS 9 when whatsapp doesn’t load or whatsapp chat doesn’t load. If you have backup, you can delete and reinstall application without much trouble what I have faced.


So, don’t be panic like me if your whatsapp doesn’t load and stop working all of sudden on your iPhone or any other mobile phone. Just, try all suggested steps one by one and I hope it will be normal. If even after following those steps it doesn’t load, you may have to wait till next iOS update or give up with your chat history and reinstall whatsapp.

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